The following information is a meteorological discussion of the potential for weather phenomenon to occur in and around central Ohio

as well as non-threatening expected weather conditions.

Probability Table for Central Ohio -MONDAY JULY 28th .

Thunderstorms Tornado Significant Tornado(EF2+) Wind >58m/h Hail >1"diam. Winter Weather Flash Flooding Lightining
Low - (10%) None - (0%) None - (0%) None - (0%) None - (0%) None - (0%) None - (0%) Low - (10%)

*Probabilities are based on the chance that more than 3 instances of the stated event will occur. Example: Wind > 58mph (High - 60%) means that there is a 60% chance that there will be 3 or more reports of damaging winds.

Graphic - None for this forecast.


(TODAY) JULY 27th SUNDAY: High (81-85) Low (63-66) -